Support Us

HKADRFund needs and treasures your support, both spiritually and financially.


For spirit support, please like our Facebook =>  HKADRFund@facebook


For financial support, you can sponsor HKADRFund in the following ways:

1)Online Credit Card(via PayPal)

- press => to select the project you want to sponsor

- press【Online Credit Card】in the selected project. Follow the processing

   flow to provide simple data and then link to PayPal to pay.


- transfer to respective bank accounts in the following ways

    a) bank transfer to HSBC 534-127980-833(Li Hang Nin Alex);

    b) Fast Payment (FPS)to

    c) AliPay to 90917867

- e-Channels transfer (b,c) please provide the sponsor name (this is open for public to view)

       in the reference for checking and recording purpose.

    i) if sponsor does not have special requests, eg projects to sponsor or require receipt,

       then HKADRfund will update the sponsor record (within three working days),

       sponsor can view the sponsor records at any time.

    ii) if sponsor does have special requests, please follow below processings flow.

- after transferred, return to here and press => to select the project

   you want to sponsor (remarks:You can view the Project List before

   the transfer to decide which project and amount to sponsor)

- press【Transfer Info】in the selected project. Follow the processing flow to provide

   simple data, transfer information and/or upload the transfer receipt.

   HKADRFund will confirm receipt of the sponsorship after reconciled the transfer.

3)Sponsor Records

- All sponsor records are open for public to view, just press =>

Please note that:

1)HKADRFund is in the process to register as Charity Organization. Before that

     all the donations are not tax deductable.

2)HKADRFund is in the process to open Business Banking Account. Before that

     HKADRFund will use the account/FPS/PayPal of our founder

     Li Hang Nin Alex 李恒年獸醫 and his CAU Animal Clinic Limited.